Wow. What can I say, you Ben, are a rockstar. it's not the cover of Rolling Stone, no, that's reserved only for "rockstars" like Taylor Swift these days, but man... you're in Rolling Stone. Congratulations. Would I like to be in Rolling Stone? Is that a real question?! Am I jealous? Of course I am! I'm a broke blogger whose made less from his blog than you paid for your last first class flight that you theoretically take EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Let me start over. You see, I should thank you. I started my blog because of you. Though I have no marketing partners, no funding and certainly not an income like yours that allows me to literally live in hotels full time and fly first class constantly "for free", I have found my calling. See once upon a time I got my first upgrade; it was on a seat that was no niftier than a lazy boy and they didn't have any champagne but my god, i loved it. From then on I was hooked. Like you, i got pretty into the game and learned a fair amount. In my quest to become a young jedi I came across your blog and wow, I was intrigued. Putting aside the fact that you tried to get your readers to crowd fund a ticket that costs more than most people make in a year, or regularly whinge about not being greeted by name while flying in seats we can only dream of, there is no doubt that you are a points and miles genius, beautiful mind level stuff. Only, your knowledge is not what captivated me. Never before had I seen someone bash lounges, business and first class experiences on the entitled posh child level that you brought. I was doing my best scrounging around for miles just to get the chance to try and fly up front once in my life and there you were telling everyone how sh*t most of them are. Indeed Ben, you are to thank for my blog about elevating travel at minimal expense. See most of us don't live in hotels or spend a vast percentage of our income on flights (like you). Anything better than the back of coach is an exciting privilege, not a gripe. We have to fight for our perks. It's the little things you know?!

See that's why I am mad. Since your Rolling Stone fanboy article (and associated press) you now pretend to care about the majority of fliers, not just your hacker level wizards. I started my blog for the majority of fliers because you excluded them, please don't pretend to care about them now. You know what makes my day? When a father of four emails me saying that his family have been saving up for their first long haul vacation and they would love to know how to get into a lounge or fly business for the first time by utilizing their limited miles or money. It strikes me to the core every time because our hobby is for everyone and it's not as complicated as some of us make it seem. I write for those people because it means the world to them. Everyone deserves better and a little simple knowledge can go a long way. There are incredible opportunities, apps and ideas if only people could understand them. Your niche is the next level stuff for the real heavies in the game who are as hooked as you are and there is truly and absolutely nothing wrong with that. I envy it. You guessed it, I am about to insult you again. Since you've hit "mainstream", like your friend Taylor Swift you've started hacking into the core of my blog. I write simple articles that (hopefully) a first time flier or a million miler can use in a meaningful way. They say in life if you don't ask you'll never receive. I'd like to (somewhat) respectfully ask that you stop pretending to care about normal people and their travel issues. Please stop "dumbing" down posts to appeal to more viewers and just get back to your usual champagne bashing, flat bed squealing and generally annoying banter. You have a tremendous following one that I am truly (no bullsh*t) envious of and they deserve your best, not your attempt at pop radio. Leave the stuff for everyone to me, I care about them and let's be honest. You don't.

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