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If you happen to inherit a jumbo jet, a crew, a commercial operator certification and an invite into the Open Skies agreement, believe it or not, you still have a problem. You need an airport slot to take off and land. With airports flying closer to capacity, take off and landing slots are in rare supply, and a single slot at Heathrow just sold for a record price, more than the cost of a plane itself…

Oman Air just completed the purchase of a single Heathrow take off and landing slot from Air France/KLM, at a bank vault shattering $75,000,000. That’s the single largest sum a landing slot has fetched by more than $15,000,000, paid by American Airlines just a year ago. Shocking. 

With their newly minted slot, Oman Air will begin a second daily flight between Muscat and London, offering passengers an early morning 5:30AM arrival into Heathrow, and a return departure time of 8:30AM, for an evening arrival in Muscat. On a separate note, I consider the carrier to be one of the most under looked options, boasting one of the roomiest economy seats, most secluded business class and luxurious first class. You’ll see more Oman Air flights in the UK skies in no time, starting March 27th.